An Overdue Make-Over!

I think it’s been at least five years since I changed the layout of this site.

Keeping these old posts – the humiliating evidence of a novice writer – and old creations called “new media” create a deep appreciation for the journey of the writer and artist.  It is always humbling to see yourself a few months ago, a few years ago.

I considered printing off this blog and removing it from online eyes. Erasing the evidence!  But I decided to keep it up for now.  I think it may retire, somewhat permanently in 2016.  Or some kind of radical change to signal a new era.  2016 will be 10 years of My Ecdysis.

When I began, I was a restless 20 something feminist wondering how I would meet the world.

And now I write this with two sleeping kids nearby and a window peeking into the lights of New York.  Times have changed, to put it mildly.

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